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Sagittarius - Defended optimism is still the very best. technique, as June issues get resolved. Save important decisions until. dec 24-27. Weather you understand it or not, you have a great deal of. information pertaining to you from a secret source - maybe even dreams,. or maybe it's an inside line on the scoop. Either method, this is your. most important asset - so see to it that you utilize it - a great deal! Later level Sag's (born around the 18-20th) will feel exceptionally. invigorated - which is best made use of for athletic (not angry) pursuits. at the end of dec .

Pisces - Avoid competitors or disturbance very early dec . Pressure begins to ease after the 18th. A specific job opportunity. peaks late dec/early janust, jan 10 is a day when lasting plans. flower, utilize it wisely. Focusing on the small stuff will sidetrack you. from what matters and where you would be more effective. Take the huge. picture method and remember, its not so much a matter of winning this. battle - but rather a matter of having a long-range endgame in mind. Ultimately it is the entire war that you wish to gain.

Cancer - This Month's Full Moon/New Moon pair takes. spot at 10 Capricorn and 24 Leo. Obstacles/burdens in relationships. clear in Early dec. Month's end brings financial revisions & brand-new. beginnings. The Stars are asking you to consider your sensations and how they. motivate you with this Retrograde Mercury in Cancer. Explore your. Subconscious for lasting answers and options to troubles -. particularly psychological ones.

LIBRA - Some form of wish satisfaction or dreams become a reality are feasible for you now - a relationship, brand-new social standing. Such true blessings are the Universe's way of offering a rainbow after the rain, and could be the result of recent crisis. This long-term impact helps you in producing a brand-new social presence. Taking the needs and desires of humanity to heart increases your best of luck.

TAURUS - You are at the opening of this month's T-square, or more to the point your mere presence represents the idea of the iceberg. When you feel people and outside forces pulling (forcefully) in opposing instructions - now you know why. Your objective is to inject an amount of functional values and usual sense into the mix. Why do they call it common sense when only you possess it?.
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VIRGO - Numerous planets in Sag stimulate your passions at house. You could have a modification of heart or residence, or even a number of over this month. Perhaps you are taking a trip a lot. Regardless it is difficult for you to stay grounded - following schedules assists. Jan brings in condition mindful art and enthusiasts, your perfectionism approves.

GEMINI - The Mercury Retrograde isn't really so bad by itself, it's all the warring and opposing mudslinging that makes you wish to run and hide. Or leap in and wrestle, whichever suits your fancy. Either method, no one gets to play neutral like Switzerland, and that suggests that the mud will really get smeared around, but good.

LEO - Stay out of gossip early in December, it can just hurt you. In fact take time to clear up any type of misconceptions that you can. Then you will be prepared to take full benefit of the brand-new cycle of change, rejuvenation and deep awakening that starts on the 19th. In the nick of time for a really different New Year!

ARIES - Late degree Aries' (Mid month) have been battling with irritations and obstacles, a few of this must clear up after the 22nd. However once Mars gets in Capricorn on the 7th, there's tons of energy and determination to complete any type of aspiration - a much-needed shot in the Ram's arm. The lunation on the 8th emphasizes social negotiations and modern technology - after the 23rd; clear the clutter, arrange the desk.

SCORPIO - Your ruler lastly leaves its shadow on dec 5 th in Taurus. Your sensations about cash, resources and art are finally able to make development and after the 18 th you get to head out there and be the worlds best salesperson for your plans, concepts and basic strokes of wizard. On the other hand stay clear of the drama that peaks around the 20 th, you're in too prone of a position; I don't recommend you do anything to try to conflict. Even if it appears awkward to you, now is the moment to head out there and sell yourself to new contacts, you never know exactly what new door will magically open.

AQUARIUS - The world of the wounded medicine man is not only in your sign this month, however he's also providing you some grief, particularly around the 20th. Thankfully you can reposition your focus onto areas that allow you to utilize your visualization ability and creative imagination with higher effect - redecorate your bedroom! Beware not to accept coaches or to become one this month, results are likely to be frustrating. Working alone and with your powers of concentration will certainly yield much better - and more imaginative - results.

CAPRICORN - It's time for you to put the kibosh on Gossip and exploit effective company connections. You can capitalize chances, especially after the 19th, however only by accepting obligations and assuming the role of authority figure. It's your turn to step up to the plate.

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